Here is a picture of Pistol Pete taken in the mid 1950s.

Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton was a living symbol of the Old West until his death in 1958. On March 15, 1997, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame honored Pistol Pete posthumously with the prestigious Director's Award. Eaton's youngest daughter, Elizabeth Wise, together with Oklahoma State University President James Halligan accepted the award for Eaton.

Eaton was famous for his skills as a gun fighter and a Deputy U.S. Marshall. He first became known for avenging his father's murder. Eaton also worked as a cowboy, blacksmith, and general handyman.

In 1923, Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State University) students asked Eaton to be the model for the campus mascot. He agreed and became the living symbol of OSU until his death. The university still uses Pistol Pete as its mascot today.

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