Dr. Douglas R. Heisterkamp

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Note: course material is available on webct.okstate.edu.

Spring 2006
CS5793 Artificial Intelligence II CS3613 Theoretical Foundations of Computing, syllabus (pdf, 13KB)

Past Courses at OSU
Fall 2005CS4143 Computer Graphics CS3613 Theoretical Foundations of Computing
Spring 2005 CS5793 Artificial Intelligence II C4323 Operating Systems
Fall 2004 CS4143 Computer Graphics CS4793 Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2004 CS5793 Artificial Intelligence II C4323 Operating Systems
Fall 2003 CS4143 Computer Graphics CS3423 File Structures
Spring 2003 CS4143 Computer Graphics C4323 Operating Systems
Fall 2002 CS3423 File Structures CS4143 Computer Graphics
Spring 2002 CS4143 Computer Graphics CS1113 Computer Science I
Fall 2001 CS3423 File Structures CS4793 AI
Summer 2001 CS4793 AI  
Spring 2001 CS4143 Computer Graphics  
Fall 2000 CS4243 Data Structures CS4793 AI
Spring 2000 CS4143 Computer Graphics CS5793 AI and Expert Systems
Fall 1999 CS3423 File Structures  

Past Courses at U. of South Alabama
Spring 1999 CIS231 Software EngineeringCSC512 Real-Time Software Systems
Fall 1998 CSC524 Computer Language Design CSC433 Artificial Intelligence
Spring 1998 CIS263 File Structures CSC340 Programming Languages
Winter 1998 CIS261 Data Structures  
Fall 1997 CSC522 Performance Evaluation of Algorithms